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Contactis Scripter

Call scripter – an application-based solution, can be used to increase the level of customer care services without the need to carry out a long-lasting and expensive trainings for consultants.

Contactis Scripter supports the work of consultant in inbound and outbound mode. During his conversation with the customer consultant reads the questions displayed on his computer screen in the form and order depending on the customer’s answers to the subsequent questions. In this way the intelligent logic implemented in the call script allows to collect the complete information, provide support appropriate for the identified problem and provide the customer with complete and accurate information concerning his or her interests. All data presented by the consultant is prepared by the scripter and based on the answers and the customers’ data stored in database.  For the customer the conversation with the consultant is very natural and unaffected because the properly built script predicts various options of conversation and threads of the discussed issue. Accurate and systematized way of collecting and providing information allows gathering the expected data used for analysis and reports.

Preparation of a call script consists in initial planning of customer interaction scenario, preparing all potential answers to the questions and to condition the subsequent questions or subsequent survey path on the given answers and on historical data stored in the database.

Based on the carried out analysis and using the options provided by the Contactis scripter tool, a call script application scheme is being implemented into a dedicated user environment. This process does not require any knowledge of low-level programming tools as it is very user-friendly and intuitive. Consultants may take advantage of such prepared call scripts while handling the customer.

Contactis Scripter is equipped with reporting module that provides the detailed, summary and statistical information acquired from the system operations. Contactis Scripter system architecture facilitates easy and quick extension of the system and furthermore, its integration with third party application components.

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