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Wind Telecom S.A. is the leading developer and integrator of communications systems. We provide complex telecommunications solutions to satisfy the most diverse needs of our customers as well as the unique features of their business.

In 2009 Wind Telecom S.A. called new company - Wind Telecom Sp. o.o. specializing in contact center industry.

The company capital consists of knowledge, experience, competences and the top class specialists as well as our own innovative and advanced products and solutions proven by numerous deployments and satisfaction of our customers.

Our advantage over competitors is the flexibility of the provided solutions, wide integration capabilities, experience in cooperation with global technological partners and the model of cooperation based on support of experts throughout all process of system realisation by a client – from the phase of analysis, implementation up to the further development and scaling of the system.

All products of Wind Telecom S.A. are the effect of analysis of individual needs of customers and unique features of their business as well as the company’s innovative character, technology and experience.

Contact Center solutions developed by Wind Telecom S.A. are based on the latest technologies. Through our flagship product - Contactis Contact Center we provide full functionality of Contact Center with automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) through DTMF codes and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology adjusted to the specific features of Polish language as well as statistics and reporting systems.
The Contactis product family also includes other modules supporting the company’s contacts with customers - call logging and conference systems.

Since 2005, we have been actively acting in Romania where we have gathered experience allowing dynamic development of sales and expansion to other foreign markets.

We actively transform the market of communications services through combining the worldwide standards with the individual needs of customers and helping them in achieving the success.

We are three-times winner of Delloitte and Touch ranking for the most dynamically developing companies from Eastern and Central Europe within 2004-2006.

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