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Contactis Insurance  - effective work tool

Great competitiveness on the insurance market inclines the insurance companies to better monitoring of the costs of winning over the customer. It becomes necessary to automate customer services and simultaneously keep sale based on building the relations between agent and customer.

Contactis Insurance telecommunications platform is a solution dedicated to insurance companies to support winning over the customers and maintaining the relations with them.
Efficient customer service requires exact knowledge about his/her needs, history of contacts, preferences concerning personnel and customer’s habits to facilitate efficient services. This process requires systematic gathering, analyzing and processing data coming from the customers and from other computer systems.

The unique character of Contactis Health Care platform results from using the advanced IVR platform and consultant’s application integrated with currently used internal systems or using dedicated module of application managing contacts history and order circulation within the system.

This solution ensures full supervision over the process of customer service making a wide range of reports and analyses available, which, in connection with the data from other systems, allows making right decisions.

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