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Contactis Scripter

Contactis Scripter is an advanced, innovative and complete tool, which characteristic feature is its modular architecture entirely based on Microsoft platform. System has been designed in ASP.NET Framework 2.0 technology and, as a server application can be run on MS Internet Information Services WWW server. The system also uses MS SQL 2005 database server. Users of Contactis Scripter have access to the application from the level of MS Internet Explorer web browser (version 5.5 or higher).

Key elements of the system:

Contactis Scripter consist of two main modules – an administrator dedicated module for call scripter management, and consultant dedicated module for preparation of scripts during conversation with a customer or respondent.

The most interesting options available in administration module include:

  • Configuration and editing of system settings.

  • Building both simple and highly advanced call scripts with the possibility of their editing and testing, with the extensive list of functionalities and options and the possibility to use various types of answers and variables as well as controlling the logic and validation of the call scenario.

  • Import of the respondents’ data presented to the users of scripter during inbound and outbound telephone campaigns.

  • Functions of reporting of the system operation.


The consultant’s module allows:

  • Browsing through the created call script

  • Step by step gathering data and answers from the client

  • Using the available data concerning the respondent

  • Adding comments to a call

  • Using the available options to describe non-conventional or unexpected behaviour of the customer
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