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Contactis Scripter

Contactis Scripter is a modern and practical tool significantly increasing value of the applied Contact Center solutions due to the extended business capabilities of the outbound info lines through support of telephone marketing campaigns and significant increase of effectiveness of the inbound info lines.

The system users, through following the questions and threads of a call prompted by the script, register the answers of respondents in a specified form.

Contactis Scripter ensures verification of correctness of entered data and guarantees logical conversation structure according to the specification of subsequent questions, answers and their interrelations as well as available information about the respondent. It enables the user to carry out the analyses and generate the reports summarizing the work of consultants and the effects of the ordered outbound campaign.

Our solution fills in the niche of this type of systems that could fulfil the needs of small but technically-oriented Call Centers, big outsourcing Call Centers and the companies carrying out public surveys on various subjects.

On the basis of the described solution we can satisfy the needs in each of the abovementioned cases. 

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