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Contactis Delation

Contactis Delation can be upgraded with the following functionalities:

  • Report generating application can be extended with an automatic module creating and sending e-mail messages containing the reports.

  • Place from which the event has been reported can be determined on the basis of a phone number.

  • Through analysis of notifications coming from particular range of phone numbers (a given district) the system can run an adequate alert procedure and inform appropriate authorities.

  • Through comparative analysis of the incoming call and the content of notification it can be determined whether the notification is authentic (someone calling from Szczecin is not supposed to submit the notification about the event in Cracow) and eliminate “jokers” – creating “black lists” 

  • Through proper extending of IVR system it will be possible to automatically change voice announcement and generate it using the TTS module.


How does it work?

The citizen, after being connected to the special helpdesk number can choose the actions to perform using DTMF tones:

  • Listen to the information we want to provide automatically

  • Leave the notification about the event

  • Get connected to the controller 


Contactis Delation user environment is intuitive and friendly, operated from the level of www web browser (suggested platform – IE), therefore, undergoing the post-implementation training will allow the users for unassisted work with the system. 

Contactis IVR system, independently from voice application and software informing about a new report, will be equipped with Administrative Panel dedicated to manage the recordings. This tool will enable the user to:

  • Listen to the recordings

  • Make notes concerning successive records

  • Generate and browse through the reports from the database

  • Delete particular recording


Within the framework of the offered platform a report depicting the work of the system will be delivered. The report will be generated on the basis of all events in IVR system logged to the database.

The offered report will include:

  • number of customers calling the system within a specified period of time

  • number of calls abandoned without leaving any message

  • statistics of information left (length of information, number of information from a given range of numbers). Contactis Delation is based on the tested and reliable IVR solutions developed by Wind Telecom.
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