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Contactis Delation

Contactis Delation enables the user to establish the automatic recording of information about the events reported via phone. The caller can report a crime or make a comment regarding work of the Police using only one telephone number.

The recorded notifications are saved in the database along with the selected call data (e.g. phone number).

The system offers also the possibility to add comment of the controller to the recording and send information about the notification to the proper authorities responsible for handling the events. The controller will be informed about a new recording by the blinking icon in the TrayPop section of the screen and by repeatable, configurable sound signal. This functionality eliminates the onerous and absorbing process of checking out the recorded information.

A hypothetical greeting can be as follows:

“Welcome to the automatic service for submitting information to the Police. Each notification is anonymous and will be checked out independently. Please, leave the information about the type of event, its localization including the exact address or description of the place of the event. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Contactis Delation allows also for automatic transfer of information. The system can be used as a kind of an information board where, after calling a given helpline number, one can get information about working hours of local community policeman, actions currently carried out or places and ways of fixing various issues (criminal record certificate, stolen cars database) or to find information about the recruitment to the Police.

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