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Finances and Banking

The modern communication channels allowing access to the services without limitations concerning place or time are the standard at financial and banking markets nowadays.

Outsourcing Call Centers

Growing demands of the customers and stronger competition cause the high quality of the offered products and services to be not sufficient to survive on the dynamically changing market. Very high quality and standard of customer care service seem to be equally important as well as conviction of the customers that they have just made the best possible choice.

Health Service

Contactis Health Care  - effective work tool

In many health care institutions a phone call or a visit are still the basic forms of contact with a patient, despite increased availability of other telecommunications solutions.


Contactis Insurance  - effective work tool

Great competitiveness on the insurance market inclines the insurance companies to better monitoring of the costs of winning over the customer. It becomes necessary to automate customer services and simultaneously keep sale based on building the relations between agent and customer.

Internet portals

Services in IT sector, sale of virtual servers, service of e-mail and internet domains require fast and competent customer services. Sale of the products in this sector is realized mainly through telephone and internet channels.

Publishing houses

In the days of great competitiveness, selling books, newspapers and electronic publications requires continuous broadening of products portfolio and more efficient customer service.

Hotel networks

A hotel network providing typical hotel services for individual customers and a vast array of services for companies has to struggle with a great competition. Efficient customer service at the stage of making reservation of the specific service is an important element of advantage over the competitors.

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