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Outsourcing Call Centers

Growing demands of the customers and stronger competition cause the high quality of the offered products and services to be not sufficient to survive on the dynamically changing market. Very high quality and standard of customer care service seem to be equally important as well as conviction of the customers that they have just made the best possible choice.

Until recently, only a few telephone lines could handle the customer care service and provide the customers with interesting information about the products and services. Nowadays, due to the dynamic development of the market, the customers thoroughly compare the available solutions before they decide to choose one. And to make that choice they require detailed information not only about the product itself but also about the warranty terms, payment terms, etc. This trend results in the massive increase of queries from the customers to the department of the company responsible for customer care service. The natural consequence of such situation is further development of customer care centers resulting in the need for additional employees.

In big companies, the incoming calls are directed to the consultants at random. In result, the time needed to handle a customer is getting longer – mainly due to the necessity of waiting for the connection to another consultant, more competent in the field of the relevant problem. This model of customer care center generates very high costs (time of connection, number of consultants involved to handle one customer) and influences the corporate image. If the customer does not have the possibility to contact the company in a fast and reliable way, he/she will quickly turn to the competition. That is why each company should build strong relations with current and potential clients putting emphasis on the quality and effectiveness of communication channels.

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