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Contactis Awarie

Great number of alarm notifications is a “number one” problem in case of failures in power, gas or water supply lines. Contactis Awarie permits automation of failure notification receiving process.

Before getting through to the controller/consultant, customers, according to their place of residence, will be provided with the information about reported failures and possible time of repairs as well as information about the planned shutdowns. That information is obtained from the database, where data has been previously entered by the controllers to the appropriate forms and stored as templates for further use.

The failure reporting support system is based on Contactis NaviVoice solution with TTS modules.

Contactis Awarie system has been developed in close cooperation with Power Plants and reflects their needs, especially within the scope of:

  • Growing competition due to the freeing-up the energy market

  • Increasing the use of company potential, benefit-oriented approach

  • Optimization of the costs of customer service based on IT systems

  • Anticipation of the customer expectations concerning the form and quality of service

  • Adjusting the offer to the needs and expectations of clients

  • Create new image of the company to both clients and business partners
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