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Internet portals

Services in IT sector, sale of virtual servers, service of e-mail and internet domains require fast and competent customer services. Sale of the products in this sector is realized mainly through telephone and internet channels.

Contactis Contact Center is a tool supporting contact with the customer of internet portal.   Contactis Contact Center handles info lines, technical support and the process of telemarketing sale.

Contactis Contact Center facilitates:

  • Integration with the client’s systems.

  • Effective customer service by the employee most competent in respect of particular products or services.

  • Flexible management of human resources.

  • Voice contact (also video contact in the future) of the customer with the company based on VoIP technology.

  • Scalability of the solution through quick and economic reaction to the increase in number customers and their constantly changing needs.


Contactis Contact Center – benefits of using the system

Using VoIP-based PBX in the IT company is the key issue to underline its innovativeness. Contactis Contact Center system is a tool which allows managing the large number of contacts effectively, improving the time of reaction and helping to solve the problems of the customer in a competent way. Quick identification of incoming call and transferring it to the proper employee is a crucial element of maintaining high quality of services and competitiveness. 


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